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Furuno Navnet 3D Tips

Tips - Furuno Navnet 3D

#1  Back-up Your Data
Here are five easy steps to back up your points, routes, tracks and user settings:
Step 1: Insert a blank 2GB SD card into either of the card slots (we recommend using SanDisk)
Step 2: Press MENU key and select FILES from the main menu
Step 3: Select “Export Points & Routes”, push in RotoKey for enter
Step 4: Select “Yes” when it prompts you to continue
Step 5: Enter file name, press in RotoKey to enter name
Your Points and Routes are now backed up! Repeat this procedure to Export Tracks and to Export User Setup.
#2  Dropping A Quick Waypoint
Ever wish you could just drop a quick waypoint?  You can, and it is as easy as the push of a button.
Place your cursor where you would like to drop a waypoint and simply short press the POINTS/ROUTE button.  You now have a waypoint.  To change the name and other attributes, right click on the new waypoint and select “Edit” from the pop-up menu.  Now you can edit the Name, Symbol, Color, Group and other settings.
#3  Changing The Data Box Transparency
One of the software enhancements in version 2.05 is the ability for you to make the data boxes on the screen transparent.

To edit the transparency, press the MENU key and select the Data Box menu. Inside of the data box menu, in the second column, you will see a scroll bar that is used for setting the transparency level. Simply select this scroll bar and adjust the transparency level up or down until you reach your desired transparency level.