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Marine Electronics Tools and Information

Furuno Transducer Handbook - Download & Print Here!

Marine VHF Channel List - Download & Print Here!

Who needs a commercial radio license? - Download & Print Here!

MMSI Registration:  Register for an MMSI number for your VHF radio.  Having an MMSI number allows your VHF to provide emergency services with detailed information if your distress button is ever used.  Click on the following link to get your free MMSI number.  Boat U.S. MMSI Registration 

Beacon Registration:  Registration of your PLB (Personal Location Beacon) or EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) is a crucial part of owning a beacon.  Your registration information will help emergency services locate you and get in touch with your emergency contacts.  Click here to register.

Cruising World article featuring Furuno radar - click here

DSC Response Procedure - click here

USCG Loran C Termination Press Release - click here

Marine Distress Communications Form - click here